Bethel Bridges

Bethel Bridges

Our Bethel Bridges  Ministry under the leadership of Rori Blakeney is always doing something wonderful.  Children through Bible stories, crafts, and games are growing in their faith.  We have seasonal activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt and Vacation Bible School, among others.

If you would like to join the fun, please contact Rori Blakeney at


Bethel Bridges – Get involved!
If you want to help play a part in building the spiritual lives of our children, we have all sorts of opportunites, from Sunday School to Children’s Moment(during the 11a service). Every moment you give to a child helps build his or her future spiritual foundation. Let Rori or the church office know if you are interested in helping (770-474-2570).



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Happy New Year! It’s the time a year when some people make a list of resolutions (what they want to do to make themselves better). As kids, we could promise to: 1) Listen to our parents; 2) Have a good attitude; 3) Eat everything on our plate without complaining--and thank whoever prepared the meal; 4) Read our Bible more; 5) Be nice to others (this includes brothers or sisters). Does that sound easy enough? You can do it if you try. I know you can! Jesus loves you and so do I! Oreo

This illustrated book follows two families as they grapple with a police shooting of a black man in their community. Written by psychologists who have experience in community advocacy and children’s behavioral health, this book provides the necessary framework for talking to children about racial injustice. If you’re not sure how to start the conversation, the book also includes guidelines for discussing race and racism with children, child-friendly definitions, and sample dialogues at the end.


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