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Current Mission Needs:

From time to time we post specific needs around the world that the UMC is responding to through UMCOR.

Here are current large areas of need. Click each for more info.

If you make a donation online, you can also print out a "card" to send to someone in honor or memory of the donation. And you can choose Bethel-Stockbridge (or another Methodist Church) in the drop-down menu to let them know what UMC you are associated with. Peruse the whole site to see what God does with all your donations:

Did you know??? View this infographic about how important water and sanitation issues are around the world, and how your dollars to UMCOR affect impact many in a positive way!

From Our Mission Team on current projects/events; the upcoming 2014 trip, recent 2013 trip to Honduras and the past 2012 trip (most recent message is at top)

God Provides (Honduras 2014)

Over the years I have learned many meaningful lessons during our trips to Honduras. We have always worked with the thought that the team members decision was whether or not to go, and that God would provide the money. We just did not know whose pocket He would get it from. Some years we are in the final week before we have all the money. A very exciting time each year is when the money is there and we can focus on the trip.

It is always a lesson in trusting God. This year on the Sunday before we left, we had a scrap metal trailer in the parking lot for donations.

We had a Honduras needs board in the narthex at the church and no one had picked up the print cartridges for the printer. We use these cartridges to print photos of the kids in Honduras. This meant that we had to buy them before we left.

On Monday I took the scrap trailer to the scrap yard and got $85.60 for the load. The next stop was at Walmart where I bought 3 of the print cartridges and a pack of yellow beads needed for the trip. The bill was $85.47. Do I need to tell you that God provides. Trust Him.

—Harold Moore

The Great Sock Puppet Show! (video from Honduras 2013)

If you haven't noticed, last year and this year the ladies at Bethel have been sewing gluing tieing sock puppets together for our mission team to take to Honduras. You can help with this, if you have a desire to do something crafty. Meanwhile, be inspired by how the team got together and did a puppet show for the kids!

GREAT Video to watch and ponder: When preparing to work with the homeless population in your area, OR, just walking past homeless people on your way to work or to lunch or to a night out... please watch this short but moving video!

Follow along with our 2014 daily devotions while the mission team is in Honduras!

Mission Lunch Day - A success in connections

Nov. 22 we met at the Fellowship Hall at 5pm and prepared 550 lunches. Nov. 23 at 8:30 a.m we headed downtown to take them to "The Lot", a parking lot across from the Peachtree/Pines Shelter. Not only did we have MANY more folks show up to make lunches, we also took more meals than expected. We shook a lot of hands, hugged many people, and in the end, had a chance to share our meals with another mission, http://churchonthestreet.com. Only God knows how to create a 'fishes and loaves' situation out of what was going to be a quick mission "project". Had we tried to do it ourselves it never would have worked out! Oh how quickly we are reminded that "people are not a project", with each hug and each smile. Sylvia Broome, from Church on the Street, just came and shared with Bethel on Mission Sunday at the end of December and pushed us all to think past the "quick give" idea into longer-term relationship-building.


Thanks to all at Bethel we met our goal and then some. This means we don't have to leave Ron in Honduras. Thanks for all your prayers, notes of encouragement and financial gifts. Without you this trip would not have been pos-sible. Every year we relearn that God provides. He has really provided this year, a great church and a team that has worked together to achieve much. Everyone has done their part to make this trip a reality.

Thanks again to a wonderful God, a wonderful church and a wonderful team.

Thanks, Catherine

Time to Leave

It is only a month (June 20th) before the mission team leaves for Nacaome Valle, Honduras. We are going to a new place, to build a home for a family that we do not know. God knows them and loves them and is sending us to them. He is responsible for what we are led to do, and is always with us, guiding us.

We are all very excited to see what God has in store for us this year. Even though most of the church family is not physically with us, there are vital things that you can do. First of all pray for us, because we need them so very much. Write us a note of encouragement so that we can read them at breakfast every morning, you do not know how much these mean to us. We still have not raised all the necessary funds for our trip, but we trust God will provide. A couple of years ago we were in the same position. On the way to church one Sunday morning I was thinking about how much money we needed, and I saw a bumper sticker that said "Trust God No Matter What", this is how we approach the finances of the trip. God was faithful and the money was provided. We never want anyone left behind because of a lack of funds.

When we return we will have a get together so that we can tell you about our experiences.

Keep us in your prayers.

Can You Feel It?

Wow, I just realized that it has been more than 10 years ago that God took me out of my comfort zone and sent me to Guatemala with my two oldest children. Now I can't say that it was my idea to go in the first place. There were some people really excited about the first international mission trip for Bethel and their excitement stirred something in me. So I
made a pitch to the family that we all go to Guatemala in the place of our family vacation.

Well I didn't expect them to react the way they did, so I forgot about it. Now God wasn't going to let me off so easy, so after some time had passed we had another family moment and Matthew stated "we are still going to Guatemala aren't we"? As my mouth dropped open, I said I thought you didn't want to go. He said I didn't want to give up a vacation with the family but I thought we were still going to go and Mallory said she wanted to go also. So the first thing that hit me was my children weren't ready to give up family for a new adventure but they had faith that we could do both. So our plans changed and God
made things work out for us to go to Guatemala.

Looking back now, I can see that it was a turning point for me and my journey. Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me turn my stiff neck and see the great things God was doing around me. That experience drew me closer to God, grew my trust in Him and increased my faith. From the seeds of that first mission trip God have taken us on many other mission trips to Honduras, trips to Biloxi and many other areas to help God's people.

With every trip it gives me the chance to see God in others, to experience God's love through others, and to feel His arms holding all of us. The work we do is my therapy for feeling helpless because I can't solve all the problems I see while on these trips, but my comfort is knowing that with God's help we are allowed to do some amazing things.

In the past 20 plus years God and the family of Bethel have loved me through the many changes of my life from raising our children to now what I call retirement. I have felt the loving arms of Bethel in time of need, I see God's face in the eyes of the family of Bethel and I experience God's love from the family of Bethel everyday. I am so excited right now because I feel God drawing ever closer to the family of Bethel. Can you feel it? Look at the great things He has done for us just in the past few years, our mortgage is now below $350,000, He paved the parking lot and upgraded our buildings, more importantly He has many active small groups meeting weekly studying His word and moving closer to Him. He is reaching out, giving us the opportunity to step out and use our Faith to grow closer to Him.

Each year I see clearly God working at Bethel. As we start out trying to raise the funds to go on the mission trip it seems like a task far greater than we can accomplish, yet as He has always done God has provided a way for all of us to go and serve. This year is no different, we have raised half of the funds we need to go to Honduras and I know that with God's help and your help we will have just enough to go and be God's loving arms for Bethel in Honduras. Remember that with God's help all things are possible.
God's Love to all, Alan

I am excited (also)!

Last month Ron started this article with that line. I think it applies this month also. I know it does with me, and I am pretty confident that the rest of the team is still excited and getting more so as the time draws near. Let me point out just three reasons for my ex-citement – A) I am tired of the cold, B) I need more friends, C) everyone, especially me, needs a lesson on giving, and finally, D) I am tired of the cold.

There are at least two aspects of mission work. One is, of course, born of the "Great Commission – Make disciples …, baptizing …, and teaching (Mt 28)." As Christians, we all understand "mission" in this context. Evangelism is important and we do need to "Go" and tell everyone of God's great love, but another aspect of mission work is one this church does so well. And that is the part born of the "Great Commandment – love (the verb)." It is so exciting to hear how great men and women of Bethel "Go" and give of themselves to minis-ter to victims of tornadoes, floods, and poverty. And it is even more exciting to think I might be a small part of that, come three months. I like how Justin teaches the students that missions is something you do, all the time, everywhere. And it is exciting to think, that a trip like the Honduras Mission trip, one that feels big just might spur us all on to live out missions, both the Com-mission and the Commandment, all the time, every-where.

I am also eager to get to know more of these great men and women of Bethel. I have been exposed to some giants already, working with the youth, and the Sunday schools I have attended, but there are others I still don't know. Some of those are going with me this year to Honduras. Wow! What an opportunity. It is exciting for me, but I am equally excited for my daughter. Together, we are being teamed with real men and real women doing great things. One of the best things about any adventure is the fellowship. In June I'll fellowship with giants.

This morning, according to the formula used to calculate wind chill, most of my ride to work felt like 10 degrees. In about 3 months, I will be enjoying temperatures of 105 degrees. Please don't ruin my excitement. Let me remain deluded, at least just a little longer. When I was a child, I thought there were two things I would have done differently, if I were in charge. First, there would be no long pants. I just wouldn't have them. They would not exist. Second, there would be no cold weather. But thank God for long pants, because I am not in charge. I believe I've had eight layers on since November and my daughter has not removed her hoodie since October. We are both looking forward to some warm temperatures. I believe 105 qualifies as warm.

So between now and June, when you consider how blessed we'll be - great fellowship in a warm, tropical, Central American paradise - don't be jealous. Join us. Join us with prayer. Join us as we make preparations. And best of all, Join us in living out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, every day, everywhere.

- Lance Brooking


Ten years ago there was a lot of excitement at Bethel about our first real international mission trip. We felt the call of the Lord to either go to Central America or to help get our team there. We had auctions, dinners, sleepovers, workdays, and prayer services. More than half the church was there before 6:00 am to see us off! I was told that we had a great trip. I couldn't tell you much because I spent most of my time sick as a dog!

I remember being nervous about the trip. I was really excited to take a step toward my faith. Even though I was sick for several days – it changed my life. I have made this trip for ten years since. I will admit that I still get butterflies each year, but not like my first. I wonder if it has gotten to be "old hat"? I do not see the excitement around Bethel like I did. Just seems as though it is just another day in the life of our church, kind of regular. I remember journaling and knowing that God was telling me what to write. I watched the other team members doing the same. I remember how easy it was to get the $1,500.00 per person to go on the trip. I remember the "POW WOW's at the end of the trip, we all cried like babies. I remember everyone wanted to see our photos and hear our stories. We had parties after the trip to share our experiences.

What a part of my life! These trips have shaped the rest of my life! Oh we still have fundraising dinners, Harold still cries, Alan can't talk about the trips without choking, and there are families that support the trip like their lives depend on it; but it seems different somehow. Do not get me wrong; it is a "good thing" as Johnny would say. Yes it is, a very good thing.

I guess we just expect to go and I guess our church family just expects us to go as well. I do hope my love of the Lord is not something I just expect. I believe the Good Lord expects more. He deserves my EXCITEMENT! Please join this year's trip to a new place, Nacaome, Valle, Honduras. Please support the mission team. We will be in Honduras June 20 through June 27. New friends, new blessings, new tears, and the same Lord await each of us. I feel the butterflies and the excitement returning! I wish for you those same feelings!

Ron Beavers

Honduras here we come. On Feb. 3 the mission team will host a lunch after the 11:00 service. We have invited Suzanne Rutledge to come and tell us about her mission projects in Honduras. We are hoping to be able to join her this year. The church is invited to come join us. We will be serving a lunch of Baked Potatoes and Salads and we hope you will join us!

Now is the time to start praying about the mission trip. Is it your turn to go, do you have a great fundraiser idea, willing to help us with fund raisers, financial support and/or prayer that we always stay focused on GOD'S plan for the trip. Come be part of the team.

Catherine Johnson
Mission Team Chairman

As I visit and talk with people about our Mission trips to Honduras and Hackleburg, Al. many of them respond that they would like to participate, but that it is too far or they can't take that much time off. In the next few months the Mission teams work focus will be on C.O.B. (Christmas Outreach at Bethel) This has been an ongoing mission project for many years.

Our goal is to provide a complete Christmas meal, a week of groceries for the family, and toys for the kids for the 12 families that we plan to adopt this year. C.O.B. has become such an important part of my Christmas festivities that I could not celebrate the rest of the season without it.

I invite each member to become a part of reaching out to the members of our community that are struggling.

In God's Service,
Harold Moore

Wow, this article has been a struggle to write this month. We have been back from Honduras over a month. I have spent most of the time trying to understand my feelings about the trip. After talking with another team member, I realized that I had a good trip but I was expecting a great trip. This year we were more isolated from the local people than in the past. We did not have the interaction with the local people. Bethel has always sent a skilled team and this year we had the skills needed for the work to be done. I was able to work as a welder, other members were able to build the forms to pour the concrete structures that make up the skeleton of the building. We also worked moving over 7,000 lbs. of sand to the second floor with buckets lifted with rope through the upstairs window. All of this work is important and needed, and I look forward to doing more work of this type.

During one of our quiet times in Honduras, one member pointed out that we had always tried to go where God sent us, and that should be where we receive guidance about our next trip. My understanding is that God tells us to tell everyone that He loves them, but to also make their lives a little better where we can. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick.

The typical cooking stove in the houses in Honduras are igloo shaped clay devices with a wood fire with no venting to get the smoke out of the house. You can imagine the air quality inside a house with an open fire.

The United Methodist Volunteers in Missions in Honduras has a "stove ministry" where teams go into individual homes and install a new stove that would have a vent through the roof. This would let us deal with individuals and also have a positive influence on their physical lives. At this time we are checking out the possibilities of doing this type work part of the time during the next trip. Keep us in your prayers as we make decisions about next years trip, that we do what God wants us to do.

In God's Service,
Harold Moore

It's time to write notes for our Honduras Mission Team. You can drop them off this week at the church (before Thurs afternoon), bring them to our Wed night dinner this week, or email them directly to the team. Every word of encouragement, prayer, laugh, etc is meaningful and helpful. Thank you in advance for writing them.

The team leaves this Sunday morning, 6:30am sharp. Come on up and see them off. Pray for them this week and next.

In addition, also pray for another church member who is going with another church and youth group to Honduras as an experienced contractor. John Per-Lee will be using his skills and spirit to guide this group.

Make sure you grab the needed items off the board in the Narthex. Let's send our team off on their journey wiht everything they need for VBS in Honduras.

Also, make sure you begin writing your notes to the Mission Team for them to read and have a touch from home on their trip. You'll see opportunities around the church.

June 24-29th, we will have an opportunity to interact with our youth group during the youth's summer mission trip to Seashore Assembly in Biloxi, MS. The team will be working to repair storm damage from Hurricane Katrina. Sign up on the youth bulletin board, the deadline to sign up will June 3rd. We would like to have as many adults as youth on this trip. The last trip to Biloxi was filled with great memories for everyone involved.

There are many ways to be involved with this trip. My first choice for you would be to join us on the trip. The second choice would be for you to sponsor a team member, the cost per person is $150.00.

In addition to these two ways to participate we as that you keep the team in your prayers. These trips can be very emotional. Many times in the Bible we are promised that God will be with us when we do his work. When you pray for the team, I ask you to pray that each member has a safe trip, but also has a blessing from the trip.

Honduras Mission Team continues to raise money for their trip. "Memorial Bricks" from the chapel are available for $20/brick. There is a limited quantity of bricks, get yours soon!

Other fundraisers are ongoing, such as tree removal, yard cleanup or any other chore you might need done. If you would like to make a donation, just put "HMT" on the "for" line of your check so it gets to the right account.

Thanks to everyone who supported us at the Fish Fry. Thanks to your support we made enough money to pay one person's expenses for the Honduras Trip.

In God's Service, Harold Moore

Five years ago while we were in Biloxi, MS working on storm damaged homes, John Per-Lee shared a thought with the group. John said that as he returned thanks for the days blessings, he was reminded that he had asked God for someone to help finish sheetrock and that he had forgot to thank God for sending a helper. Until that time I had thought that I had been finishing sheetrock. I had no idea that God had used me to answer a prayer.

If my understanding, that religion is actually being in a relationship with God, is right, then being in a position to be used by God to answer a prayer needs to be our goal. I would ask that each member of my Bethel family find a quiet time to ask God how they could help do his work.

The Mission Team has opportunities coming up for which we will ask God to send helpers. We expect your prayers and would appreciate anything else you could do to help. On April 21st we will hold our world famous Fish Fry to raise money for our trip to Honduras. We invite everyone to bring all their friends and family and share a meal with us. We are planning to sell commemorative bricks from the Chapel to celebrate its move. We offer to cut trees or do yard clean-up for a competitive charge. Of course we will accept and appreciate dona-tions. All money raised will be used to pay for our Mission Trips.

On June 24 - 29 we are going to return to Biloxi, MS with the youth. In 2006 we had an equal number of adults and youth. I learned on the Biloxi trip that if you are willing to go, God will find a way to use you. This trip will be less intense than Honduras. What a great chance to find out how meaningful a mission trip can be.

On July 15 - 22, we will return to Honduras. Our challenge this year will be starting a new project. Most of the team has been to El Paraiso for many years and will miss our many friends. Justin & Carol Cabe will join us this year. We will count on them to help us through our changing experiences.

In God's Service,
Harold Moore

I was making a six month re-check appointment at the Doctor's office last week and I suddenly realized that in only six months I plan to be in Honduras. Time really does fly by.

The Mission Team met on Sunday and we set some important dates to prepare for this years trip. We will be in Honduras from July 15th until July 22nd. Our commitment date for the trip this year will be Sunday, March 21st. On this date we ask for the names of all people planning to go and a $100.00 deposit. Anyone planning to make the trip this year should be in touch with me very soon. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the things you need to do in order to be ready (passport, shots, medical) to go. Some of these items can take awhile to complete and time is moving along.

On April 21st we plan to have one of our World Famous Fish Frys. We look forward to seeing you there along with many of your friends and neighbors. The Mission trips are not budgeted items at the Church. This means that we raise our own money. The team does not want anyone left behind that wants to make the trip because of money. We appreciate the support that the Church has always given us. I sincerely believe that the trips are a positive influence on the people that make them. I think that we come back better people. Your support with your prayers, supporting our projects and any financial gifts help in this process.

In God's Service,
Harold Moore


Honduras Mission

For several years, Bethel has sent a mission team to help with construction of a new church in Honduras. We helped dig the footings and now return to work on the second story. What a blessing this project has been.

This year's team (pictured) returned with wonderful stories of the people of El Parisio and their passionate pursuit for the heart of God.

Bethel is involved with missions also through our United Methodist Men and Women's groups. The United Methodist Church has it's own spiritual form of "Red Cross" in UMCOR. Many folks don't realize this but UMCOR is often the first on the scene of disasters to begin giving relief. For more information about this great organization, click here.

UMCOR has helped to organize our mission trips and is a way for Bethel to use it's mission ministry in conjunction with Methodist churches all over the world to get huge amounts of God's mission work done. It's exciting to be involved in truly life-saving and life-changing projects that make a difference here on Earth and into eternity!

2011 Christmas Outreach at Bethel (COB)

About COB: In 2006, a handful of members here at Bethel collaborated to form a program called Christmas Outreach @ Bethel or COB for short. In case you are new to Bethel … or if you need a reminder — COB is a program designed to service families with hardships within our immediate area at Christmas. In our inaugural year, COB provided 13 families with an entire holiday meal, canned goods, grocery staples, blankets, toys, personal hygiene products, formula and diapers for babies and bibles for the youth. Since its inception, the number of families needing help just in the greater Stockbridge area alone has gone through the ceiling. For that reason, our goal this year is to serve 12 to 15 families. We are depending on you to help us reach that goal. You can do so by several means: serving on COB’s committee, volunteering your time and talents through various projects and of course, monetary donations. If you are interested in helping, contact Mary Ann Hill, Doreen Elliott or any COB member. If you’d like to read more about COB, please pick up a brochure.



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