Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Our children’s ministry is undergoing some re-energizing right now under the guidance of Valerie Blackburn, and we want you to be a part of it. The kids are always doing something wonderful, including learning Bible stories, crafts, and snacks.  We have seasonal activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt, a Christmas Party for Jesus and Vacation Bible School, among others.

If you would like to join the fun, please contact Valerie Blackburn at 

Children’s Ministries – Get involved!
If you want to help play a part in building the spiritual lives of our children, we have all sorts of opportunites, from Sunday School to Children’s Church (during the 11a service)–and even helping in the nursery. Every moment you give to a child helps build his or her future spiritual foundation. Let the church office know if you are interested in helping (770-474-2570).

Oreo's Blog

Hi, kids.   How is school going?   Do you have a lot of homework? 

Guess what I saw on my walk this morning?    It was Herme, the caterpillar!   He was walking across the street?   Do you know who I am talking about?

Max Lucado has written some books about Herme and his friends.   Herme the caterpillar was sad because he was just plain green. He couldn’t fly like a bird.   He didn’t have a house on his back like a snail.   He didn’t have beautiful colors as some of his friends like the ladybug.   One day Herme was very tired and went to sleep inside a cocoon.    Guess what happened next?   You are right!   He emerged several days later as a beautiful butterfly with lots of colors.   And he could fly!  

Are you sometimes jealous of your friends or other kids at school?   Sometimes it seems that they have more of something than you do?   Or they do something better than you?    I think we all have those thoughts sometimes.   Just remember that God is not finished with you yet!    Who knows what tomorrow will bring and what God has planned for you?  

Remember–Jesus loves you and so do I.

Love, Oreo