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Bethel is a place where you'll encounter God afresh. It's a place where God's presence dwells among His people. Come experience God with us this Sunday.

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Sunday, March 29, the Worship service can be accessed through the Sermon Downloads.


Sermon Topic: 

 When Lazarus Died

Scripture:  John 11:1-45

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Two questions to ponder and perhaps discuss with a friend or family member:

1) Consider a time when Jesus was slow to show up for you.  How were you able to keep your faith?

2) How do you feel about a God who weeps with you?


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Did you know…

Lent is a season of 40 days (not counting Sundays) of preparation before Easter.  It is a time of self-examination.  Many are committing themselves to fast and pray.  During this season of Lent, God is calling us to draw near.  Let us listen and follow the Lord our God.

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It is with concern of the safety and health of our artists, vendors, sponsors, staff, volunteers and patrons that we announce this year’s Awesome Blossom Spring Fest scheduled to take place on May 2, 2020 is canceled due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  With State and local officials having banned gatherings of 10 or more for the unforeseen future, it was inevitable that we cancel rather than reschedule.  We hope to see you in 2021. 

We encourage all to adhere to the CDC guidelines to prevent the further spread of this Corona-virus. 


Mary Ann Hill

Awesome Blossom Spring Fest

Committee Chair 2020






Aquaponics is essentially the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Where you grow fish and plants in a healthy environment together. Aquaponics can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it.

There has been a call to limit public gatherings.  On behalf of the health and safety of our community we have canceled the Aquaponics Workshop.  We plan to reschedule at a later date.






The united methodist church

We are a local congregation that is part of a larger body called The United Methodist Church. Go here To know more about it’s beliefs, concerns, doctrines, and current news.